Special Events

  Ted Higley, LU 30 retired member, honored at Washington Club Classic Golf Tournament

The trophy is called – “The Higley” and on it is inscribed: “The Ted Higley Goodwill Ambassador Award for Creating Unity, Community & Charity”. Our intent is to recognize someone from our community every year at our event by engraving their name on the trophy (Ted Higley is the first name on it) and making a public announcement. About 22 years ago I met with the then head of the Washington State Building Trades Robert Dilger and I wanted to help with him with his annual convention and discuss adding a social element like a golf tournament. Mr. Dilger didn’t want to do that but he encouraged me to meet with a guy named Ted Higley and explore what could be done under the WA Building Trades banner. I met with Ted and then Ted gathered 8-10 labor leaders from around the Seattle, Tacoma, Olympic Pensinsula area and we brainstormed the Washington Club Charity Golf Classic event (CLUB stands for Contractors, Legislators, Unions & Business – and covers all facets and interested parties in the pension and benefits world for unions and their members). Ted and I were the Co-Chairs for the CLUB community. He is a dear friend and amazing person. On behalf of the entire CLUB Committee (about 25 people) we unanimously voted to create this award, name it The Higley and honor Ted as the first recipient. There couldn’t be a better person for this award.
Jon Bettendorf, Chair


Thank you to those who joined us at the Local 30 2021 Vasa Park Resort Picnic!