Job List/Dispatch Info

Search for known council-wide active jobs.
By clicking the link below you will be redirected to the search tool. You will have an opportunity to search by areas, craft and scope of work. You will also be able to export reports or send them to an email. These reports are updated daily. Click HERE

Weekly Dispatch History
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Contractor Database
To view the signatory contractor database click HERE

MIX 20/20
If you are out of work and need to register on the out of work list you will need to call the Mix 20/20 automated phone number at 1-866-649-5463. Be prepared to provide your UBC ID# and 4 digit PIN# (first time users last 4 digits of SS#) when you call. If you have any questions or problems when checking in contact the dispatch phone number at 253-945-8830 or 1-800-953-6444.

Members can also check their OWL status, assigned work areas, skills, and contact info online at  You will need to provide the same info to log in as you do on the phone system – 8 digit UBC ID #, and pin code. You will  be able to update your contact info and work areas.
More info can be found in the Council’s website.

Register on the out of work list if you are filing for unemployment
Some members have received a notice from Employment Security that there is an issue with their standing in the Local. In most cases it is NOT because you are not in good is because you did not get registered on the out of work list. We cannot express strongly enough that if you are drawing unemployment benefits you must call Mix 20/20 to register on the out of work list. This would be for everyone, even if your employer is bringing you back!