A Message from your Financial Secretary Cindy Gaudio

We hope all of you are doing well and managing through these unprecedented times. It has been crazy for all of us. We have had to change how we work together and how we socialize with each other.

Local 30 staff have continued to serve the members throughout the ‘stay at home’ order. We purchased Chrome books from Costco so the Administrative staff could work from home. Joni, Valeri and Coco have been taking turns going into the office to receive and incoming mail and taking care of local 30 business they could not do from home. There are now two staff members in the office at one time, they are following the State guidelines of social distancing and waring face masks when needed. If you need to absolutely go into the office, please call them to make an appointment 425-255-3255. When you do go in you will be required to wear a face mask and expect to have your temperature taken. There are many convenient ways to pay your dues without having to go into the office.

Local 30 E-board have been holding monthly zoom meetings since April. Taking care of business as it pertains to local 30 and the Trustees have continued to review the finances each month. Such as the annual WA Club Charity Golf Classic scheduled for mid-June had been cancelled. We donated the money to the three charities-Seattle Children’s, Diabetes research and Holly Ridge Center who helps children and adults with different abilities.

We were hoping to hold the July and August union meetings at the hall, unfortunately we were unable to do so. We are going to continue to hold monthly informational zoom meetings for the members instead of meeting at the hall. Check local 30’s website for the zoom link.

Our July picnic was cancelled & has been moved to December 13th at Vasa Park. We will be using their Event Center. This will be a summer/holiday event including a pin party for years of service.

All sport ticket balances have been moved to the 2021 season.

Any member who pays 12 months dues in advance will receive a LU 30 t-shirt.  They will need to pick it up from local 30 office.

The election of new officers went smoothly. You voted Ryan Case as our new Vice President, Keriann Dunn is our new Warden and Reggie Mayo is our Conductor.

There is a committee being created to start discussion about next year’s contract. Now is the time to start increasing our ability to negotiate effectively! Contact Reggie Mayo through Facebook.

Local 30 also has an Anti- Harassment & discrimination committee. There has been a lot more stress added to our world, many people are taking that to the jobsite. Remember – together we can get through this! Let us all be part of the solution! Contact the local to have your information passed onto the committee chair.

Stay safe out there on the jobsite and at home keep your family safe. We are in this together! If you have any concerns about your local union, please contact us.


For our staff and member’s safety, Local 30 will be implementing new guidelines to minimize the spread of Covid-19, effective June 1, 2020.

-Admittance in our office by appointment only.

-Temperature check will be conducted to all visitors once admitted entry.       Temperatures must be lower than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Employees and visitors must limit close contact (stay 6 feet apart).

Please call ahead of time to pay your dues OR to make your appointment to join our union. VISITORS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A MASK. Gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer will be provided to visitors upon entry (if needed).


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We are a diverse local union of skilled journey-level and apprentice carpenters specializing in commercial concrete form work, from bridges to high rises, as well as commercial tenant improvement, interior finish work, scaffold building and tradeshow carpentry.

The entire Local Union 30 Membership is made up of Carpenters from all over the world. We are a full-referral union of over 3500 members.

Carpenters Local 30 is affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of  Carpenters.

If you are having trouble logging into the CITF Online Learning Center, please contact us or see the Memo below:

MEMO- CITF LMS Staff Checklist

Online Payments

We are now accepting online payments. Visit the Dues Payments page for more information.  Effective April 1, 2020, any member who pays 12 months in advance will receive a LU 30 t-shirt from stock on hand.  NO shirts will be mailed, you must have the ability to pick it up at LU 30’s office.

New UBC Reinstatement Policy Effective Jan. 01, 2020

Jobsite Representation

Do you have a jobsite representation issue that needs attention? Have your membership I.D. number ready and call this toll free number. 1-877-745-9555