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We are a diverse local union of skilled journey-level and apprentice carpenters specializing in commercial concrete form work, from bridges to high rises, as well as commercial tenant improvement, interior finish work, scaffold building and tradeshow carpentry.

The entire Local Union 30 Membership is made up of Carpenters from all over the world. We are a full-referral union of over 3500 members.

Carpenters Local 30 is affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of  Carpenters.

Dues rate effective January 1st 2019

At it’s December 10th, 2018 membership meeting, the membership voted and approved a bylaw change that will increase the over the counter monthly dues from $26.00 to $32.00 effective January 1st, 2019.

Dues will remain the same for members who are paying retired dues (either $16.80 or $6.00) and members in the public sector.

Members who have paid their dues in full for 2019 and would like to pay the difference can call the Local with a debit/credit card and the $3.50 transaction fee will be waived (one time only).

If you are enrolled in automatic deductions through Qualstar Credit Union, or auto charge with a debit or credit card, the Local will automatically adjust your deduction.

Online Payments

We are now accepting online payments. Visit the Dues Payments page for more information.

Jobsite Representation

Do you have a jobsite representation issue that needs attention? Have your membership I.D. number ready and call this toll free number. 1-877-745-9555