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JUNE 2016 JOB LISTS :  The job list has a new format and is broken out by Western Washington North, West South & Central






This letter has been sent to all Local 30 Members

July 18, 2016

From:    Jeff Skillman, Recording Secretary

To:        Carpenters Trust of Western Washington Participants

Motion for a Special Called Meeting

At Local 30’s July 11, 2016 membership meeting, a motion was made, seconded and carried to hold a Special Called Meeting to be held at Carpenters Local 30, 231 Burnett Avenue N., Renton, WA 98057 at 10:00 am, Saturday, July 30, 2016. This meeting is in regards to the letter received by Recording Secretary Jeff Skillman on behalf of the membership of Carpenters Local 30, dated June 29, 2016 from Catherine Rothwell of McKenzie Rothwell Barlow & Coughran, P.S. The letter referenced projections for the Carpenters Trust of Western Washington defined pension plan being projected “to turn yellow in 2018 because the funded percentage falls below 80%” with “the Plan” being projected “to turn red in 2026 because of the credit balance.”  Local 30 will send letters to Carpenter Locals 41, 70, 96, 129, 196 and 816 to invite their members to attend. Local 30 will also invite representatives of the Carpenters Trust of Western Washington including Randy Parker, Jim Wilhite, Labor Trustees Executive Secretary Doug Tweedy, Evelyn Shapiro-O’Connor, Rick Poitras, Jim Osborne, and Jerry Auvil to answer questions concerning this projection and the ongoing condition of the Carpenters Trust of Western Washington.



Cc:  Catherine Rothwell, McKenzie Rothwell Barlow & Coughran

        Randy Parker, Carpenters Trust

        Jim Wilhite, Carpenters Trust

        Doug Tweedy, PNWRCC EST, Labor Trustee

        Evelyn Shapiro-O’Connor, Labor Trustee

        Rick Poitras, Labor Trustee

        Jim Osborne, Labor Trustee

        Jerry Auvil, Labor Trustee

        Carpenter Local 41                      Carpenter Local 129           

        Carpenter Local 70                      Carpenter Local 196

        Carpenter Local 96                      Carpenter Local 816



If you are retired or no longer need your tools, consider donating tools (in good working order) to our carpenter union apprentices. Tool donations make a big difference to apprentices who are just starting out in our trade. 
Tool donations to the Seatac Carpenters Training Center will be raffled off on an ongoing basis in a "no-cost raffle" to apprentices who need them . Thank you for your generosity. 

Call Seatac Apprenticeship Coordinator Cindy Gaudio at 425-503-1546 to arrange for tool drop off.


Master Pro Calculator with Workbook and Hard Armadillo Case, $45.00
Mullan Reel & Magnet, $25.00
UBC Coat Patch, $3.00
Local 30 T-Shirts, $20.00
Local 30 Class 2 safety T-shirts (Orange), $36.00 
Proto 32" Tool Box, $65.00
LU 30 Lapel Pins, $2.50

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Carpenters Local 30 is affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America and the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters.
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Do you have a jobsite representation issue that needs attention? Have your membership I.D. number ready and call this toll free number.

Register on the out of work list if you are filing for unemployment

Some members have received a notice from Employment Security that there is an issue with their standing in the Local. In most cases it is NOT because you are not in good standing..it is because you did not get registered on the out of work list. We cannot express strongly enough that if you are drawing unemployment benefits you must call mix 20/20 to register on the out of work list. This would be for everyone, even if your employer is bringing you back!


If you are out of work and need to register on the out of work list you will need to call the Mix 20/20 automated phone number at 1-866-649-5463. Be prepared to have your UBC ID# and 4 digit PIN# (first time users last 4 digits of SS#) available when you call. If you have any questions or problems when checking in contact the dispatch phone number at 253-945-8830 or 1-800-953-6444.
The Regional Council website has a very useful video explaining the new Mix 20/20 dispatch procedure.

* Members can now check their OWL status, assigned work areas, skills, and contact info online at https://www.mix2020.com/member/pn/.  You will need to provide the same info to log in as you do on the phone system - 8 digit UBC ID #, and pin code.
More info can be found in the
Council's website.